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Filmmaking for me is the ability to transform your own ideas and feelings into something that anyone can relate to.

Micro / Horror / Found-footage / Student / Canada / 2018

A guilt-ridden mother makes a grisly confession following the the unexpected return of her missing son. "I'm Sorry" (2018) is a film written by Aaron Gomez and directed by Gabriel Galand. It is produced by Fernando Flores, Gabriel Galand, Aaron Gomez, Adrian Valmonte, and Celia Villanueva.

TRAILER - Short / Drama / USA / Switzerland / 2017

A young Swiss boy takes care of his mother as she goes through grief.

Resilience is a film written and produced by Tiziana Giammarino in Los Angeles, USA, and shot in Porrentruy, Switzerland. It premiered at the Cannes Short Film Corner in May 2017 and has been selected to 12 festivals, and was nominated for “Best Film”. Watch a Behind the Scenes video made by Swiss TV Canal Alpha.

TRAILER - Short / Thriller / Horror / South Korea / France / 2016

A young man seeks an assisted suicide with an illegal agency in South Korea. 

Above the Mist was produced and shot in South Korea in the region of Hwacheon, not far from the border with North Korea. The film was selected to 44 festivals in 14, including 25 festivals in Canada and in the USA. It was nominated for Best Thriller and Best Director, and won three awards, amongst which "Best Editing",


TRAILER - Short /Horror/France/S. Korea 2015

In the end of the nineteenth century, a recluse aristocrat becomes convinced that the house and grounds are haunted. 

Horla was produced and shot in France in 2014 in the region of Normandy. To this day, it has been selected in 81 festivals across 21 countries, including 37 festivals in Canada and the USA (details here). It has won 16 awards along the way amongst which "Best Horror Film", "Best Director", "Best Cinematography" and “Best Production Design”.  It is currently distributed by Shudder and Shorts TV in Canada and the USA, and by Amazon Prime Video, Iflix, Pantaflix, Vuclip, and Mini Cinema in other countries (UK, Germany, Japan, S. Korea and more).

EXTRACT - Short/Drama/ France/2014

Arpade, a sweet but forgetful old man remembers what he left in the freezer when the electricity is cut in his block.

Cold Green Eyes was produced and shot in France. The film was selected to the KO&Digital Solidario festival in Barcelona, Spain and at the Ozark Shorts in Missouri, USA.


EXTRACT - Short / Thriller / France / 2012

Johnson, a financial trader, must find a way out of the empty room where he is imprisoned.

Kernel Panic was produced and shot in the studios of Icade Saint-Denis, Paris.

Short / Experimental / France / 2013

One night out in Tolbiac, time starts to rewind itself. 

Tolbiac was produced and shot in the district of Tolbiac, Paris.






TRAILER - Feature / Documentary / USA / South Korea / 2016

The documentary follows an American martial arts enthusiast that travels around South Korea to learn about the art of Taekkyeon. The Ruling Hand is a feature documentary directed and produced by Jaye Wynn.

EXTRACT - Short / Drama / France / 2014

Vincent, a young man must decide between moving to the USA to land the job of his dreams or stay with his girlfriend in Paris. Comment On Dit Adieu is a short film directed and produced by Jakob Christensen. The full film is available here.


EXTRACT - Short / Drama / Fantasy / France / 2014

Margot, a beautiful woman in her 30's is challenged by her personal image, and turns it into an obsession. La Beauté et la Perdition is a short film directed and produced by Alexandra Naim. 

EXTRACT - Dark Comedy / Drama / France / 2015

Recently laid off Loïc must find a way to win the lottery in order to pay for his dying mother's surgery. Megamillion is a film directed and produced by William Van de Walle. 

We create a world that isn’t true to a realistic naturalistic world, but is truthful.
— Terry Gilliam